Guest Post: Crocheting, Debating, and Clear Thinking

Hello, all! My name is Bri, and officially I’m the social media consultant here at the Knitting Ranch, which basically means I help out with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and this blog! Now, I’m not much of a knitter (although my grandma did try to teach me once when I was ten), but I’m an avid crocheter, and almost every Christmas gift I handed out last holiday, my first holiday away from home, was some crochet project.

I learned how to crochet from a friend of mine on the debate team during my senior year of high school. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with high school debate tournaments, but for those of you who aren’t, this is basically what happens: get up absurdly early on a Saturday morning, put on a suit (or the girl equivalent of a suit), drive to a nearby high school, wait, compete in an event for about 45 minutes, wait, wait, compete in another event for 45 minutes, wait, wait, compete once more for 45 minutes or so, wait, wait, wait (etc), attend awards ceremony, go home. As you can see, “waiting” is the primary event of debate tournaments, and with all the nervous energy and business-casual-clad teenagers, it was hard to get something productive like homework done in between competing.

And then there was Adrienne, the nicest girl you’ve ever met, one of the sharpest debaters ever seen in Western Colorado, and crocheting enthusiast. I’m telling you, this girl was crazy good at her craft. She could make anything you asked for, from hats and scarves to dolls of popular Disney characters and tea cozies. Along with her bag of debate gear, she also always brought a tote bag of yarn and crochet hooks, and after a while, the rest of us starting getting curious. Over the course of two years, she converted every single member of our debate team into crocheters of various proficiencies, including myself.

What I loved about crocheting, aside from the community it built at debate tournaments, was that it kept my hands busy while leaving my mind free to wander. I’ve never been able to think clearer than when I’m working on a crocheting project, and for a hormonal, high-stress teenage girl, that was truly a gift. Crocheting made me new friends, but above all, it gave me an escape from my “real” life for a few hours a day, which I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Not even the alleviation of my quickly mounting college debt.

Bri blogs and makes videos regularly on her website, and tweets way too much. She goes to Pacific University in Oregon.

Reader question: Aside from being a fun hobby, what has knitting/crocheting done for you personally?


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  1. Sharon Bernard
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 20:08:07

    Knitting and crocheting saved my Sanity!!!!!


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